BPA Enterprise About Us

We Serve to simplify Yours Project Management

BPA Enterprise started as modest Servicing firm in 1976 & with our constant & relentless efforts we have established ourselves as one of the leading Consultant, Constructor & supplier of entire Hot Dip Galvanizing Plant such as Plant Layout, Modern Furnaces, Drying Oven, all other ancillary equipment related to Pollution Control, Combustion & Automation.

BPA Enterprise specializes in tailor made Plant Layout as per Yours Requirement.

High Velocity Pulse firing Morden Furnaces as well as Traditional & Robust Refractory lined Furnaces.

Wasteful Flue Gas heated, thermally insulated & motorized drying Oven.

Portable & Light weight thermoplastic Pre-treatment tanks or Indestructible & beyond long-lasting Acid Proof lined Tanks.

All Ancillaries, like Automations, Material handling solution, E.T.P., Scrubbers, Filters, Centrifuge, Cooling Tower, Chemical & Fuel Storage Solutions etc.

BPA Enterprise Why Us

BPA Enterprise has no legal or financial agreements with any material supplier, equipment manufacturer, or contractor leaving us to make recommendations solely in your best interests.

BPA Enterprise Our Expertise

Plant Design & Construction: If you are considering construction of Hot Dip Galvanizing Plant, Renovation, or Pollution Control Equipment we request you to consult with BPA Enterprise experts prior to any decision.